Raymond on Rails

Journey from Spinal Surgery in LA to Software Development in Manhattan

We Get Free Beer at the Flatiron School. KegKong.

I’m the last one here near Wall Street, staying late to finish homework. Just discovered we have free cold beer! It’s delicious!


-You might have seen that black fridge in the back by the couches…that’s our campus mascot, the kegerator! The keg is open for you to have a beer if you’re working late or we have an event that night.

-We have it hooked up to the infamous KegKong, which was built by 3 students in the 002 class. KegKong measures how much beer is remaining in the keg and lets us monitor it online. It emails me when it’s close to empty so I can order a new one.

-We will always have beer.”

Here are the technical details behind Smart Kegs!